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From:  Joy L., Celebrity Catering ATL

Atlanta, GA

Fried Chicken
Swamp Dust Style!

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Swamp Dust. "It's for Real."

This premium recipe is made from only the highest quality ingredients to create a superior boil.  As Pappy used to say, "Crawfish ain't cheap," so use a good quality boil for your next event.  Go ahead.... Crush It!

This is the original.  A classic.  Taking great recipes to the next level.  Swamp Dust is the secret ingredient that your family and friends always ask you about.  Maybe this year you tell them....

or maybe not!

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Watch our driver,Joe Burchett, in the #97 Swamp Dust Chevy

          ​2016 HRL Carolina Sim Works Truck Series Canadian Tire 88

"Go ahead...Crush It!"

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